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It has been mentioned to Crossakiel.com that there is a recurring problem with the sewage system at the Cairns development.

Recently, the builders had to flush the main drain at the entrance of the estate to try and clear the blockage. Initially this seemed to have cleared the system however, problems are beginning to return. Each house is individually connected to the main drain which is normally situation in the middle of the road for easy access. Older housing developments had the drainage system in a chain of around four to five houses per section, however, the new drain layout makes it easier for the builders and maintenance people to track and isolate blockages (in most cases).

Both Paul and Tom have mentioned that no biodegradable items or cookings oils should be flush or put down the drains like – baby wipes, cotton wool buds, face wipe, nappies, cooking oil etc. Any of these items can and do get lodged in the sewage system and eventually cause blockages.

We will be keeping a close eye on this problem and will update the website with any relevant information.

Update 27/05/2007

The builders have apparently found what was causing the problem. Part of the pipe (the rubber seal) was blocking the waste from moving down the pipe. This has now been removed, however, we will be keeping a close eye on this problem.
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